The CardioHammer weighs twelve pounds. Yep, that’s a lot. But don’t be a wimp. Do you think Thor whines about his hammer being too heavy??

The CardioHammer’s head is made out of a reinforced rubber compound that is abrasion and weather resistant. It is completely impervious to impact. I mean completely.

The handle is made out of Hickory. It is naturally shock-absorbent and incredibly durable.

Grab it and hit the ground with it. The sidewalk, a parking lot, even just plain dirt. Now do it again, only harder. This next time, swing it as hard as you possibly can. Yessss! See how good that feels?!?

Now do it again about 20 times. Then lay down and rest.

Picture a life that is stress-free. It is nearly impossible to be stressed out when you swing a CardioHammer the way it’s meant to be used. Talking about stress relief! It’s like an anger management class that also happens to turn you into a fitness god/goddess.

CardioHammer is designed to be the perfect piece of exercise equipment for folks who want to workout at home. It is:

  • Simple to use
  • Relatively affordable
    • You probably spent more for your last pair of gym shoes
  • Safer and more convenient than sledgehammer/tire combos
    • Sledgehammers pulverize rocks, after all
  • Easy to store
    • I leave mine on the kitchen table, but then again I’m single
  • Non-judgemental
    • The CardioHammer doesn’t care if you forgot to… shower… brush your teeth… fix your hair


Although its real mission is to provide a cardiovascular (HIIT) workout, the CardioHammer will also do amazing things to your body. There is a reason Thor has muscular arms and the grip strength of superglued velcro. You and I might not be able to afford a real Mjolnir. But we don’t need one as long as the CardioHammer is around.

Just go on and buy one. Stop putting this off. This will be the most effective, most enjoyable piece of exercise equipment you ever purchase.